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Last Update: March 3 2022

Proud Us - Feb 14, 2016

About Us

Hello, we are Piet and Gerry Broeders. We are the owners of the Woolly Home Cattery which was registered since 1986. Our cats are our pride and joy... together with our children and grandchildren. We have three beautiful daugthers, three grandsons and a granddaughter. Like us, they also are involved in the 'catworld'.

Woolly Home's cats are PKD tested negative and we are located in Kampen near the beautiful IJssel in the Netherlands. We do not have many cats, and we do not breed any longer, though we still enjoy the company of the breed. We very much like to present our cats on this webiste and on shows. Showing for us and our cats means fun and socializing with other catpeople. We are extremely proud on our wins! We've met a lot of friends who are still very valuable to us as of today.

Woolly Home's kitties are members of the Family, and they have the run of the house. The cats are all raised underfoot and get all the love and attention they deserve. We have always combined the best, healthiest and award winning lines.

Our very first cat was a blue persian boy called Dinky! Dinky was a none pedigree cat with a long nose and long hair and he lived with us for 19 years. After his loss we knew we never could live without another Persian cat again. They are beautiful in all ways and besides they are as sweet and gentle as can be! So... after our first Dinky we bought an other Persian Dinky cat in blue. Together with a pretty cream Persian girl called Sheila, we made our first attempts into our pedigree Persian breeding and showing program. That was the start of our Cattery years ago. Now Piet creates unique cat furniture and drying cabins as a hobby. Many catteries already bought these handmade cabins, scratchers and wooden cages.

We hope you enjoyed reading about us a little bit. Feel free to call or e-mail us whenever you want for any more information. Thank you for visiting Woolly Home's website. Please enjoy your stay and do not forget to visit often to check for new updates. We want to keep this site going for as long as we can.

With love,
Piet & Gerry